To Be In Fashion Or Not To Be?

People like dressing up to the latest fashion as they think it will make then more popular. Teenagers, students and even adults will dress to impress with the latest clothing to make themselves more popular. They think it will make them more popular which will result in making more friends, thus staying popular.How ever not everyone like to spend an hour every day dressing up. Not ever one enjoy shopping like a lot of people do as they would rather do something else apart from spending money on a shopping trip every weekend. People will tend to dress up more to an informal even these days rather then a formal event. This is simply because they know that in an formal occasion you are requested to wear suits and clothes that you don’t really enjoy wearing. But in an informal event people will dress up quite simply to show off their clothes which they think will show to people that they are fashionable.But people who dress up to impress and to think they are in fashion doesn’t know much about fashion. Because quite rightly fashion to each and everyone of us is unique to us and our personality. For example you may want to wear glasses that have lines going across them and you may call them fashionable but for me I wouldn’t call them fashionable and I wouldn’t wear them because I wont be able to see through the shutter styles glasses.What I may call what is in fashion could be something like a purple fitted hooded top that has nothing printed like a slogan or an image could be maybe too plain for someone else and they won’t call it fashion. So as you can see people will perceive fashion to be different from the next person.One piece of clothing that doesn’t fall behind anyone’s fashion or trend is the humble cotton t shirt. Whether it maybe a funny, rude, retro or a music related print of slogan or image everyone will always have their personal favourite t shirt. People where these short sleeve tops for different reasons.You will get peace activists wearing it so show people when they are marching on the streets of the city for what reason they are marching. Then you will get teenage boys wearing short sleeve tops to show their muscles to impress girls. What a lot of people in the UK tend to do now is that because the summer months just don’t have that many summer warm days and as there are more colder days people especially fashion conscious people are getting their famous slogans, quotes and images printed on hooded tops. These tops keep them warm without getting cold as these are very thick and thicker than a t shirt.If you want to wear something either in your home or out in the public don’t be scared or don’t have the fear that someone out there in public will stop you and say you have no fashion sense. As long as you look presentable with what you wear and what you feel comfortable then there isn’t much wrong, and you may just find your own fashion style, just like so many other famous people such as celebrities do every day that gets other people following.